The Vampirebat

Published in the International Artist Magazine. Issue 134 August/Semptember 2020


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Finalist in the London International Creative Competition (LICC) 2020

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De 3e deur

(The third door)

My autobiography, currently only written in Dutch, was published in 2020. It tells the story, my story, of a young boy who lost himself somewhere along the road. When the road started to vanish throughout the years the boy decided to end his life. He did not succeed and was hospitalized in a mental facility instantly. In 'The third door' I share with you how I came to the point where I needed to be hospitalized instantly and how I recovered from depression and suicidal thoughts. Before I forget, I learned to coop with ADD along the way as well. 

The third door is currently only available in Dutch and is solely sold on Bol 

ISBN 978 94 640 2512 5


News Articles (Dutch only)

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AD: Depressieve Samuel (24) wilde dood 'Je bent niet gek als je hulp nodig hebt'

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